6th Graders

A Walk on Your Poetic Side

A poetry Web Scavenger Hunt

Created by: Mrs. Leach




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This web scavenger hunt will help you review different styles of poetry and allow you to analyze different poems.You will be viewing several websites to find poems written in a variety of styles and by a variety of authors.


Use the following websites to find the answers.The answers may be found on more than one website.Remember as you take your walk through the websites, you are the judge on what is fact and opinion.


When you are finished, print this page out and hand it in, or use Microsoft Word to cut, copy and paste samples of poetry or photos that help to answer some of the questions. Donít forget to put your name on it!







Name: _________________________†† Date:_______________


Begin Your Walk here.


1.    Where did the Haiku Poem originate? ______________________________________

2.    What themes are included in a Haiku? ______________________________________

3.    How many lines and syllables does a Haiku have?_____________________________

4.    Locate an example of a Haiku and write it here: ___________________________

†† ___________________________

†† ___________________________



5.    How many lines does a Limerick have?_____________________________________

6.    What is the rhyming pattern of a limerick? __________________________________

7.    Locate an example of a Limerick and write it here: ____________________________

††††† _____________________________

††††† _____________________________

††††† _____________________________

††††† _____________________________




8.    What is found in the first line of a Clerihew? _________________________________

9.    How many lines does a Clerihew have? _____________________________________

10.           What is the rhyming pattern of a Clerihew? ________________________________

11.           Locate an example of a Clerihew and write it here: ___________________________






For each of the following authors, list a poem they have written.


12.           Emily Dickinson: ________________________________________________________

13.           Edgar Allen Poe: ________________________________________________________

14.           William Shakespeare: ____________________________________________________

15.           Robert Frost: __________________________________________________________